Maintenance Services

White Glove offers full service packages to both Large and Small scale Strata Residences,  Commercial Facitlities, and Private Residential Estates / Acreages





Efficient Uniformed Teams frequent our clients properties with professional Commercial Grade Equipment. This Quality Equipment;  Honda Commercial and Stihl Power Equipment, Professional Metal Blade Edgers is what provides very professional results.
Gardening and Bed maintenance, Hand Pruning, and Sharp Motorized Hedgers leave Cedar Hedging and other shrubs looking their best for many months. 


Staff wearing Uniforms put owners at ease, and provide a friendly expression to residents as we work in their yards and gardens.  Having efficient machines and delivering service with our “Crew Based Delivery” allows large projects to be completed in a timely manner which means the noise and work of our crews will be onsite and departing the property in a more timely manner.  With  4-6 White Glove staff, providing the same “person hours”  as a crew of  1-2 staff ;   the advantage is residents a receive a quicker return to the quiet routine of their day and enjoyment of their property.





Providing the same services as our Strata Residential,  our Commercial Clients generally receive services earlier in the week, so their  business frontage is looking good through the business week.  We offer full service packages which include regular litter pick up programs, power washing of signs, concrete and brick walls, the concrete bases of the commercial street lights and more. Renting and use of Genie Lifts for large projects which have included Tree Pruning, and Cedar hedging, as well as power washing.

On the mowing side, we have a fleet of  4 Large John Deere professional Mowing  machines. If all 4 mowers are operated at the same time, there cumulative deck width of 210”  is the equivilant of 17.5 feet of mowing!  The commercial cutters and Honda Mowers have a much higher Blade Tip Speed, which increases performance and ensures the bagging of grass clippings in all conditions.





All service contracts are custom tailored to the individual needs of each client, after careful consultation with the individual or group who has requested our assistance. This allows requested services to fit within respected budgets, while providing services that satisfy the maintenance needs of the property to a recommended standard.

In-addition to the regular lawn cutting and tree pruning; Our contracts include only top grade slow release granular fertilizer applications which provide nutrients to the Turf Grass over many weeks. More importantly, we do not cut corners when fertilizing and apply it at the settings that guarantee obvious results. This is important as setting the flow rate lower than recommended is an easy way to save a lot of money on product. At White Glove we Invest in your property with our products and services and the delivery of both.